Structural welding and weld cladding services

Welding is one of Covis’s primary manufacturing processes. We provide structural welding and weld cladding services. We have two specialised departments: one in Carrè (Vicenza) and one in Sedegliano (Udine). The latter belongs to Peresan Welding Solutions, which was formed in 2016 from the partnership between Covis and Peresan, a company with thirty years of experience in welding operations.

The factories are equipped with mechanised semi-automatic and manual systems that allow the group to diversify the welding processes according to the design and specifications of each customer. The activities are managed by the Welding Coordinator. The management system is ISO 3834-2 certified and the welding operations are approved by accredited bodies. The welding operations are performed by highly specialised staff.

The service offered to our customers includes final controls conducted internally to ensure quality and reliability of the processes. These include:

  • Non-destructive tests: visual inspection, penetrating liquids, magnetic and ultrasound controls
  • Laboratory activities: mechanical tests, chemical analysis, metallographic tests and radiographic tests (at selected laboratories)

We also perform post-weld heat treatments (PWHT) using electrical resistance equipment.


Covis relies on a network of selected suppliers for the choice of materials. It ensures the protection…


Covis provides “turnkey” structural welding services including SAW, GMAW, GTAW and SMAW.


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