A sole partner for our customers in the Steel Products Industry

steel products supplier

Our customers can rely on a project manager who monitors the contracts and guarantees that the product requirements and objectives set in the design stage are fully met. The project manager acts as a primary point of contact for our partners, someone they can turn to during the entire production cycle to learn about the progress of the project.

A fundamental aspect of the service for the team of project managers is to interface and liaise directly with customers. A project manager is assigned to each contract to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget, and also to guarantee product quality and safety, coordinating any activities proposed by external inspectors (sent by customers or third parties).

The projects are managed proactively in close contact with customers. As a result of more financially, technically and logically complex projects, the role of the project manager has become a key to the success of Covis, ensuring timely completion of the project.


A team of experts is ready to meet all your needs at any time.