CNC machinery at the service of precision mechanics

Among the technological innovations that have profoundly changed the production methods in the industrial sector, one of the most revolutionary was the CNC machine, Computerized Numerical Control.

With numerical control systems, the production of precision mechanical components has in fact become much more efficient and accurate, to the full advantage of the customer.

The main innovation that characterizes the computerized numerical control machines is the possibility to program the processing entirely from a computer, using specific softwares.

The level of precision and efficiency of these plants is such that they can be used in many manufacturing sectors, starting from the mechanical industry to the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, passing through industrial automation.

With the help of the latest generation CNC machinery, at Covis Group we carry out a wide variety of mechanical processes, such as precision turning and milling.

But what are the benefits of adopting the new numerical control systems for precision turning or milling?

The advantages of CNC machines

The replacement of the manual machines with the numerically controlled ones has allowed an overall improvement in the quality of the finished product, as well as a precise control on all the processing phases of the component.

Let’s see in detail all the advantages that relying on a partner equipped with CNC systems such as Covis Group entails.

1. efficiency: the machining process programmed with a dedicated software can be repeated indefinitely without any variation: this makes it possible to optimize times and machining phases.

2. perfection of the finished piece: the quality of the components produced with cutting-edge numerical control systems is undoubtedly high. The extreme precision of the production plant and the possibility of programming the entire process with the computer allow to obtain a constant quality.

3. safety: CNC machines are totally computer controlled, so there is no risk for the operators, who are separated from the machine by a safety guard or door.

4. reduced costs and times: thanks to CNC machinery, processes such as metal turning and steel milling are completely automated and the various systems can be operated simultaneously, reducing times and consequently production costs.

5. error limited to a minimum: numerically controlled machines are usually equipped with special sensors which have the task of detecting any anomalies and promptly interrupting production.

To respond to the needs of our customers, our production departments have also been enriched with multifunctional numerical control systems: the high technology of the new machines guarantees us competitive performance and reduced production times for processes such as precision milling and turning of large components.

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