Safety, Quality, Environmental Policy

Covis is committed to meeting the safety requirements in terms of sustainability and social responsibility by complying with the relevant Italian legislation and customer requirements. Covis is aware of the importance of the behaviour of all those involved, therefore, it makes use of selected suppliers and guarantees the resources necessary to implement prevention and staff training actions, promoting a culture of safety and maintaining a management system aimed at continuous improvement. The management system is designed to eliminate accidents within the company and to provide customers with consistency in terms of reliability and professionalism, which are the company’s core values.

The company’s quality policy is designed to meet the customer’s basic requirements in terms of price, quality, delivery times and flexibility, through a system that offers profitable optimisation of the production processes, adequate management control and careful selection of suppliers. The ultimate goal is customer loyalty and development of close partnerships to support the economic growth of the company while increasing the skills and professionalism of the staff. The quality management system must be able to achieve the company objectives through constant updating aimed at continuous improvement.

Covis uses natural resources in a rational and sustainable way, minimising the impact of the materials used in compliance with the Italian environmental laws. Covis promotes a culture of sustainability by empowering its staff and by implementing a company management system designed to optimise the processes and to promote the use of environmentally friendly resources, in order to protect the environment, reduce consumption and guarantee maximum efficiency.


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