Manufacturing & supply of industrial steel products and precision mechanical components

Covis is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial steel products and precision mechanical components. We work with materials such as steel alloys, Inconel®, Duplex and Super Duplex as well as other special alloys. We manage the entire production cycle offering a turnkey service.

Our services include:

  • Precision machining
  • Welding
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Assembly
  • Cladding and coating
  • Special tests

Covis offers an integrated service that meets the needs of its partners and the quality standards. The production process includes the selection and purchase of raw materials, machining of details, management of inspections, also in the presence of certification bodies, transport and delivery. Covis has set up a project management department to take care of all the logistical, technical and financial details, ensuring that the cost, quality and safety targets are achieved.

Covis focuses on the quality of the service and it manages three factories located throughout the territory. The factories in Carrè and Asigliano Veneto, in the province of Vicenza, are joined by Peresan Welding Solutions factory located in Sedegliano (Udine). The company also makes use of a selected network of suppliers.

Specialised personnel and the use of hi-tech machinery make Covis a cutting-edge company and an international leader that can provide its customers with all the tools they need to maximise their results and increase their competitiveness.


A team of experts is ready to meet all your needs at any time.