oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, mechanical, pharmaceutical and naval industries

Covis provides integrated services to companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, mechanical, pharmaceutical and naval industries. Experience gained over the years and investments targeted at increasing production have made Covis a leading supplier for large Oil and Gas companies.

The ability to create and develop solutions specific to the needs of each customer has made Covis a versatile company able to meet the demands of different markets. We combine our partner’s needs and requirements to the professional skills and experience of our staff to ensure total control and management of the entire production cycle. The flexibility of the organisational structure allows developing custom solutions to meet the production needs of small independent companies as well as large multinationals, while ensuring high quality standards, precision machining and on-time delivery. Covis supports and communicates with its customers throughout the entire design-to-production process in order to guarantee maximum transparency.

The strengths of our services are:

  • Management of the entire production process
  • Custom solutions
  • Certified quality
  • On-time deliveries

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