Precision components for naval industry

The extensive experience of Covis and its affiliate Peresan Welding Solutions have allowed developing the expertise necessary to ensure a wide range of high-quality solutions and machining processes for the naval industry. This industry requires companies to renew themselves in order to grow and be more competitive on an international level.

Over the last few years Covis has strengthened its services to keep up with an industry that requires flexibility and maximum specialisation. We handle and manage all facets of the production process. We keep our partners informed on the progress of the work and we ensure on-time delivery. Our production control system ensures maximum safety and reliability of the products in compliance with the quality standards.

Our services include:

  • Semi-automatic and manual welding of cast iron, duplex, stainless steel and bronze pieces
  • Repair of components with application of anti-wear materials

Some of the components we produce for our customers are:

  • King Post Hub
  • Propeller Shaft


A team of experts is ready to meet all your needs at any time.