Three different names, one goal: to make your ideas real here you are Covis, Covistone and Peresan Welding Solutions.


Covis is a company specialized in the supply of precision machining and  welding services. We machine components made of different materials such as alloy steels, Inconel, Duplex and Super Duplex and other special alloys. Moreover we deal with assemblages, coatings and NDE.

Covis’ strength is to take care of the customer’s needs in all job phases: from the selection and purchase of raw material, to the machining and quality controls, up to the transportation and delivery operations. In order to always  respond to customer needs, we have a department dedicated to the project management that guarantees compliance with costs, quality and safety.

Our highly specialized staff and the use of advanced technology machines make Covis a cutting-edge company and an international reference.


Covistone is the division specialized in the marketing of products for the waterjet cutting and sandblasting industry. We are direct importers of garnet abrasive sand and we provide spare parts and complementary structures for waterjet machines, such as sludge removal systems and dosing devices.

Furthermore, Covistone takes care of all the phases of the disposal of used material: from chemical or physical analysis, transportation to certification and completion of forms.


Peresan Welding Solutions Srl was formed from the partnership between Covis Srl and Peresan, becoming, today, a point of reference in the special welding services.

The company key strength which has allowed its rise, has been, and still is, the continuous customization of processing, the compliance with requirements and timing and the continuous development of solutions and services.

The services offered by Peresan Welding Solutions are:

  • Structural welding and fabrication, from the project first  steps up to the final result.
  • Revamping and  the refurbishment of any mechanical component, giving it new life.
  • Weld Cladding
  • NDE
  • Research, safety and quality standards

Three different souls, all with their own identity and a particular characteristic, they collaborate in synergy to offer innovative and high quality solutions.

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