Garnet: a versatile abrasive material

Garnet sand is one of the hardest and most tenacious minerals known: it is in fact part of the group of garnets which are made up of 97-98% Almandine. Reduced into granules of variable dimensions, this material is usually used in the processing and in the treatment of metals.

Thanks to its undisputed advantages over other abrasive materials, Garnet sand can be used in different types of processing depending on its granulometry. The most common uses are: sandblasting processes, waterjet cutting, abrasive cleaning and stripping on iron.

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What are the main benefits of Garnet?

High hardness and specific weight

The Mohs scale used in mineralogy to classify the hardness of minerals attributes to Garnet a hardness of 8 points out of 10, placing it in the group of hard minerals. Furthermore, the specific weight of 4.1 Kg./dm.3 contributes to making it very suitable for sandblasting operations.

Absence of polluting materials, iron and free metals

Garnet is free of pollutants, which would make it difficult to to dispose of due to their heavy environmental impact.
The absence of free metals, in fact, guarantees an ecological impact in compliance with environmental regulations.

Low dustiness and chemical inertness

Garnet does not give rise to toxic or chemically reactive dusts, ensuring a safe working situation and greater ease of disposal.

Possibility of reuse

The low friability of Garnet makes it a material capable of ensuring high blasting speed and at the same time a lower consumption of abrasive. Comparing it with other types of materials used for the same processes, Garnet sand does not lose its effectiveness after use and can therefore be utilized several times thus increasing the efficiency of the processes.

Reduced cost compared to other abrasive materials

Used in sandblasting processes, the Garnet maintains a reduced cost compared to other abrasive materials thanks to its ease of disposal and the possibility of reuse.

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