How we faced the Covid-19 Emergency

The dramatic situation experienced in the last few months, will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on our lives and in history books. Today it is  our duty to analyze with awareness the choices we made to deal with it.

Our company policy has always been based on the concept of health and safety. “Safety first” means for us to have the responsibility to protect everyone’s health with the greatest possible effort. Before the emergency, we guaranteed the resources necessary to carry out prevention and training for our staff, promoting the culture of safety and eliminating accidents within the company.

Faced with Covid-19 risk, this policy has allowed us to further protect our people even earlier that our forward-looking choices became a legislative obligation. Already from the first outbreaks we decided to play in advance by protecting all employees with the supply of protective devices, imposing social distancing and facilitating smart working activities where possible.

After aligning with government guidelines, we decided to stipulate an additional personal health insurance for all of our employees, to ensure the tutelage in case of hospitalization or convalescence.

To date, while the situation is slowly getting back  to normal, we continue to operate in a regime of prevention, respecting the restrictions required by the regulations for the safety of our personnel and also of the visitors, allowing everyone to work in a safe and sound environment.

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