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Mechanical machining: turnkey supply

Since 1994 The Covis Group has been designing and manufacturing customised precision mechanical components for its partners, respecting delivery times and quality standards, as attested by ISO 9001:2008 certificationThe ability to manage the entire production cycle in our four plants in Carrè, Asigliano Veneto, Sedegliano (Udine) and Piedimulera (VB) makes The Covis Group an international reference point for the precision machining sector.

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Mechanical machining: the services offered by the Covis Group

At the Covis Group, we offer customised mechanical machining designed according to the specific needs of each customers, respecting the qualitative and quantitative requirements as well as the final application of each component. We collaborate with various companies that require mechanical machining, covering the production of different size components, but also with multinationals companies which require mechanical machining on large projects.

We work specifically with:

  • Precision machining on behalf of third parties;
  • Structural welding and welding overlays;
  • Refurbishment & revamping;
  • Project management;
  • Quality control

Our strength is our attention to each customer: depending on the urgency and necessity, we communicate daily or weekly in order to give updates on the progress of their projects. Furthermore, in case of turnkey supply, we take care of the choice of materials by relying on a network of selected and trusted suppliers. We then assist customers in a fundamental phase: non-destructive testing, for which we have certified and trustworthy personnel.

The strengths of our services:

  • Management of the entire machining production cycle;
  • Customised machining solutions;
  • Certified quality;
  • Customer centricity and open communications. 

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What does the turnkey service for precision machining include?

The precision machining service enables our customer to consistently follow the stages of precision machining. This includes:

  • Research and selection of raw materials through a network of selected suppliers in compliance with customer specifications;
  • Implementation of machining to drawing;
  • Management of special processes;
  • Final inspections in the presence of certifying bodies.
  • Delivery of the finished component/s.

The materials used in precision machining for third parties are guaranteed to be always traceable and comply with safety and environmental standards. We specifically select steels and alloys of European origin, always choosing Italian suppliers whenever possible. Finally, we perform in-house special processes required for certain components, including plating and structural welding. Our customers can also rely on services such as coatings and painting, if required. These processes are performed in-house or by our qualified suppliers.

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