Multitasking Machines

The increasingly demanding market, advances in technology leading to continuous changes, and the constant pressure of trying to keep costs down in order to be more competitive. Working in the precision machining and welding industry today means investing. Investing in human resources, so that they can ensure continuity of all the project activities and provide a complete service to customers: this requires reliability and on-time deliveries. When combined, these two aspects guarantee the most important result: quality.

This goal is difficult to achieve if you do not invest in tools capable of guaranteeing a series of processes that allow manufacturers to deliver tailor-made solutions to customers. A fleet of machines like that of Covis, which includes multitasking machines, is able to meet the different market demands. Production processes have become faster and more precise. To meet the needs of customers, Covis has invested in multitasking machines that guarantee different types of machining. This decision has proved to be one of the keys to the company’s success, especially because it has led to an optimisation in the production processes.

Before the introduction of multitasking machines, the product had to be moved from department to department, which involved lost work time. Now different machining processes are performed by the same machine which allows Covis to shorten the production times. But that’s not all. Not only can the multitasking machines perform multiple functions, they can also handle higher precision, and this investment has been a great advantage for Covis. In fact, the company is becoming more and more specialised in the machining of complex pieces, especially those made of special steel (e.g. Inconel®, duplex or super duplex). What’s more, the renewal of the machine fleet means Covis can handle very small production runs, including individual components.

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