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Covis is increasingly qualified in welding procedures. Some audits have now been completed, and others are in the process of being developed. This is one of the company’s challenges for 2017. A difficult journey that began in a historic period marked by the collapse of oil prices. Between 2014 and 2015, when oil prices fell from 110 to 40 dollars a barrel, the Oil & Gas industry was at a complete standstill, and so were the projects connected to it. Only those who, in a difficult time, had made investments to reinvent themselves were able to overcome the crisis and become a preferred supplier.

Covis was one of these. In 2012, a few years before the standstill, it started work on the creation of an in-house welding department. This decision stemmed from the need to expand its services beyond machining in order to meet the demands of the Oil and Gas market which could no longer count on internal production, and therefore had to turn to external suppliers, favouring those who were equipped to manage all the processes internally. Qualified, specialised and reliable companies with which to create a lasting relationship were seen as a point of reference in a historic period of cuts and cost reductions. These companies turned out to be a shot in the arm for multinational companies because the management of multiple production processes allowed them to reduce coordination costs (which meant fewer purchase orders and fewer movements) and allowed suppliers to qualify their own special processes.

In this period of growth, Covis took full advantage of the project by setting up a new welding department and installing new ready-to-use machinery in its factory. In 2016, it entered into an agreement with Peresan, a company with 30 years of experience in the industry, and consolidated this project with the foundation of Peresan Welding Solutions, specialising in weld overlay and structural welding processes. 2017 started with a series of audits for Covis aimed at qualifying its welding processes. Some have now been completed, others are still under development. This is a great honour for us as well as a very important challenge for our future projects.

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