NR Covis Srl: our newest addition for a top-notch service

Quality, innovation and a customer-oriented approach: these are the fundamental pillars that support the constant growth of our company.
Our goal is to offer an ever-growing range of machining possibilities, as well as top quality services that will meet every need.

It all started back in June 2021, when NR Covis joined our fast-growing group. This new addition took on the legacy of Nugo Romano, a historic company in northern Italy (Piedumulera, VB) which is specialized in mechanical machining of large components.

Funded back in 1968, it became very quickly one of the most important companies in the mechanical sector in Europe, thanks to its continuous investments and ever-growing range of machines.
Its entrance in Covis Group is a great opportunity, given that we share common goals: the desire to provide our customers with a complete service and to get involved with even more ambitious projects.

Thanks to NR Covis, we have the possibility to further expand the variety of components we are able to machine, especially those of medium and large size. Its production site is able to operate on highly complex products, with diameters up to 14 meters and lengths up to 20 meters.

Moreover, the new NR Covis plant is specialized in turning and milling of components up to 250 tons and production of welded structures up to 200 tons; machining of special materials, stress relieving heat treatments, annealing, sandblasting and coatings, amongst many other procedures.

The creation of this new reality represents the completion of a wide range of precision machining available to our customers. Months of intense and stimulation debates await us, with one main goal in mind: being able to offer the best solution tailored to every need, whilst maintaining both the quality and the reliability that have always distinguished us.

For further information, please contact us at or call us at +39.0445.382.488.

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