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Mechanical Components for the Pharmaceutical industry

During the last decades there have been many innovations that involved precision mechanics, which have also led to a significant improvement in machining efficiency and a consequent increase in quality standards.

This is especially crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, where the precision and the quality of the mechanical components play a very important role in many applications of this sector.

The accuracy that needs to be ensured when machining pharmaceutical components is very high, just like the efficiency standards. During the production of these mechanical components, in fact, no mistake is allowed, since it could irreparably compromise the end result.

Covis Group is a trusted partner when it comes to providing high quality mechanical components for chromatography systems: Column Tubes, Adjuster Flanges and Fixed Cell Backing Plates are just some examples.
It all starts from the choice of safe materials, efficient processes and last but not least, constant customer support.


What are the most important aspects to consider when producing high quality mechanical components for the pharmaceutical sector?

State-of-the-art machinery
In Covis Group we can count on the precision of our high-tech CNC machinery, which guarantees consistent component quality. The computer-planned machining process allows us to achieve a precise result whilst cutting down on production time and costs.

High quality standards material
When working for the pharmaceutical sector, it is imperative to know the final use of the component, which leads to the best choice of base material. In some cases, the component is in direct contact with the drugs produced and must therefore be made of a suitable composition that does not oxidize or cause alterations to the substances.

Specific surface treatments
Pharmaceutical components may be subjected to extremely high temperatures: in these cases, suitable surface heat treatments must be provided.

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