Surface coatings for your Subsea components

The Oil & Gas sector always requires safety and quality, especially regarding the resistance of the Subsea components whether they are intended for use in shallow or in deep waters. Given the environmental conditions of operation, one of the essential features is corrosion resistance.
In addition to the use of corrosion-resistant materials, such as nickel-based alloys, for components made with other steels, some anticorrosive surface finishes are often required such as:

  • Phosphate coating: process by which the steel surface is altered, creating phosphate crystals chemically bound to the substrate.
  • Epoxy coating: a chemical mixture which, once applied, forms an extremely thin but very resistant external film, able to preserve the metal from the action of external chemical and physical agents.
  • Phenolic coating: which allows the component not to undergo mutations and corrosion by external agents such as water and salt.

Covis, which has been active in the Oil & Gas sector for years, has a network of qualified suppliers for the supply of these treatments, ensuring compliance with the requirements and specifications of its customers.
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