One of the challenges that has emerged during the last particularly difficult year, is the need to find new balances. 

A more essential approach is thus indispensable when facing everyday challenges, which require us to show resilience and knowledge about what surrounds us. 

Our company understood this need and always made it its strong point, placing among the core values of its constitution safety, quality and the environment. These three principles are intertwined in our work, defining the perspective to which we always refer to. 

In our corporate vision, safety is fundamental to the working environment: it is intended both as the respect for legislative rules and as a habit to be cultivated, which allows maximum production efficiency. 

A safe environment has, in fact, a direct impact in the production’s quality, making it is easier to work in a more peaceful way. The respect for our workplace, however, is not enough to meet the demand for safety that we now feel is even more important. 

The pandemic has made it clear that safety is also needed in the natural environment, which is closely connected to our wellbeing. 

In this sense, Covis’ commitment to reducing its environmental impact  is now even more concrete. The aim is to promote the culture of sustainability by making the team more responsible when it comes to these issues,  and at the same time managing the company in an environmentally sustainable way. 

From reducing the risk of surface deterioration to the replacement of materials, Covis actively encourages recycling, as well as the use of energy resources which come from the installation of new solar panels in the company. 

The values upon which we stand, therefore, are not just theoretical, but concrete and solid principles which allow us to develop the best services we can offer to our clients. 

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