Our desire to strive for excellence is what constantly moves us here at Covis Srl. This wish has driven us to expand the company reality by combining our expertise in steel products and precision mechanical components with the experience of a company that has been working in the field of special welding processes for over thirty years, thus creating in 2016 Peresan Welding Solutions Srl. 

Together, we share a spirit of innovation and the desire to provide our customers with technologically innovative solutions, especially for industries in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Naval. 

In 2021 we decided to further expand our capabilities by opening up to new and thriving sectors. This past February, Dalmon Water Solutions Srl was born: a company specialized in the realization of waste water treatment and purification plants with more than four decades of experience.

Summer brought new beginnings as well: last June, the desire to offer our customers a service that is increasingly complete and broad in terms of potential led to the establishment of NR Covis Srl, a company that took on the legacy of Nugo Romano. This represents the completion of all the range of processes and sizes that can be achieved within the group. 

New beginnings always bring along a fresh start and a future-oriented vision: Covis group is the representation of how joining both forces and different specializations can be an important treasure that allows to develop solutions tailored to each specific customer and their needs.

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