UT Testing guaranteed by Covis.

Providing our costumers with non-destructive testing is one of the most important goals here at Covis: among the volumetric tests aimed to verify presence of defects in the components we machine, we also provide Ultrasonic testing (UT) performed by qualified personnel in compliance with international standards (EN 9712:2012 & SNT-TC-1A). 

But what is the purpose of this test?

Our certified operators carry out UT testings using the contact technique on castings, laminates, extrusions, forgings and welds. This method involves placing the transducer directly on the part whilst using an acoustic couplant (liquid or gelatinous substance) between the probe and the surface to allow the propagation of acoustic waves in the examined object. 

This test allows to detect and identify any defect that may be present on the piece: in fact,  on the basis of the applicable specifications, it will either be accepted or rejected. 

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