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Wear resistant overlays

There are many industrial sectors in which there is a need to rely on resistant and durable mechanical components, able to maintain high production standards even after prolonged use.

One of the most common problems of mechanical components is the difficulty in maintaining efficiency and functionality over the long term, a limit that is often reflected in the quality of the finished product.

To overcome this problem, in many cases it is essential to provide weld overlays for the components at risk of wear, to increase their resistance and make them more able to withstand the stresses to which they are subjected.


What is a weld overlay?

The weld overlays cover the important function of reinforcing the parts subject to wear, promoting the efficiency of the component and increasing its duration over time.

Furthermore, the presence of a weld overlay on the areas at risk allows us to obtain considerable savings on maintenance costs and avoid sudden breakdowns of the machinery, which can cause unwanted long production stops.

Overlay welds bring great benefits to a wide variety of applications, from the steel industry to the mechanical one.


Covis Group’s welding overlays

In Covis Group we carry out weld overlays on a wide range of components with different welding processes, such as:
– GTAW hot wire (also with double wire)
– SAW with wire
– SAW with strips

Each application involves an initial analysis of the working conditions and stresses to which the component will be subjected, followed by a careful evaluation of both the filler material and the most suitable welding process.

All projects are managed in a customized way, to obtain the maximum safety and reliability of processing for the specific circumstances.

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