Women in Energy: who are the 3 leading women in Europe in the energy sector

This year’s EU Sustainable Energy Awards included a new category: Women in Energy. That is the women who have given a tangible contribution in the field of sustainable energy.

Three are the winners of this first edition promoted by the European Commission. We are presenting them here below.



– A pioneer in promoting clean energy in Hungary, Ada Ámon is working today to bring change through an ambitious building renovation program.-

A young woman who has managed to make room for herself in a world of men.

Since 2015 she has been part of the independent group of experts E3G – Third generation environmentalism as senior associate of the climate program for Central Eastern Europe. Today she is the first climate affairs advisor to the mayor of Budapest and leads the city’s new climate department.

“The importance of air quality to people’s health has been made clear during the current pandemic,” she says. “The reduction of atmospheric pollution must be the central element of any ecological recovery”.



– She works diligently to promote a fair transition to clean energy sources  leaving no one behind, including those suffering from energy poverty. –

For over 20 years in the energy sector, she has coordinated EU-funded projects to help women out of energy poverty, ensuring that all have access to essential services such as heat, cooling, lighting and energy to power household appliances. She believes in the future, she believes that young people will be able to change things, and she trusts the politicians who are shaping the European green deal.

“The energy transition needs to include everyone and address everyone to be fair.”



– She supports the use of energy efficient appliances, working with consumers, manufacturers and policy makers to bring changes in the market. –

Director of the French site Guide Topten which provides information on different electronic appliances and their energy efficiency to help people choose the lowest energy consumption products and use them correctly.

“Now is the time to make courageous decisions,” she says. “I feel positive, because the younger generations are more persistent and sure they know what is the right thing to do.”

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