Mechanical parts refurbishment and repair and rebuild

Wear of mechanical components is one of the main causes of reduced machine performance. Covis performs various types of preventive processes to reduce the risk of deterioration of the surfaces and for this purpose has an area dedicated solely to refurbishing and repairing worn or corroded mechanical components.

Our repair and refurbishment department disassembles components in order replace and refurbish worn or damaged materials that cause a reduction in productivity. We conduct in-depth analysis on the damaged components and materials in advance. The versatility, experience and know-how of our team allows us to develop the most suitable solution to ensure functionality and maintenance of the worn resources. The process for protecting deteriorated components is performed with maximum precision.

The Covis Group is also skilled in reverse engineering. This process allows rebuilding any type of worn mechanical component, regardless of the conditions in which it is found. The process to improve the quality of mechanical components offers an advantage in terms of efficiency and resistance of machines.


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