Qualified supplier in forging raw material

The need for customers to reduce production costs and times has led Covis to develop a management system designed to optimise the entire production process. Covis organises and controls all aspects of the production. The service includes different processes that are performed internally according to the needs of customers, while keeping them up to date on the progress of the work.

The turnkey supply includes:

  • Selection of raw materials through a network of selected suppliers, in accordance with customer specifications
  • Custom machining
  • Special processes
  • Final inspection, also in the presence of certification bodies
  • Delivery of finished product

We have full traceability for all the materials used, which comply with all the safety and environmental standards.  We select steel and alloys from Europe, mainly Italy.

Some special processes required for some components are performed internally, including cladding and structural welding processes. Our customers can also request special cladding and coating  processes, which  are performed by our qualified suppliers.


A team of experts is ready to meet all your needs at any time.