The new Covis Group logo

All the companies that are part of Covis Group are guided by innovation, precision and quality of services. Our mission is to provide customers with an increasingly complete offer and a range of processes and services capable of responding to every need.

This is why we need to be recognized as a single reality and to be represented in a unique way, highlighting the fundamental role of teamwork.

We are therefore proud to present our new logo, built with the aim of visually creating a unitary identity for all our business realities.

From the graphic point of view, a clear and rigorous font was chosen. It reflects our technical and precise nature. The modernity of the logo is given by the set of font, text and the square that encloses it, an evident symbol of solidity and cohesion.

Even in the name we wanted to make a slight big change: the addition of the term Group, a clear sign of how important it is for us to be able to declare that we are one.

Covis Srl, Peresan Welding Solutions Srl, Covistone, Dalmon Water Solutions Srl, NR Covis Srl: they make up the Covis Group and strive every day to become your reference point of excellence in the sector.

The collaboration gives us precious mutual benefits which are consequently reflected also on our customers: being able to count on an integrated and ever-growing range of solutions and services.

For further information, please contact us at or call us at +39.0445.382.488.

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