Ultrasonic inspection

Non-destructive inspection: ultrasonic testing

Since its funding year in 1994, The Covis Group has always been focused on what really matters: improving the quality of our services, striving for excellence in mechanical machining and spreading passion, commitment and fun amongst our employees. Our mission allows us to guarantee high mechanical skills, which in turn allow us to offer high precision machining. Meeting quality standards is therefore a key factor to which we devote considerable resources.

Each machining operation requires a specific solution that guarantees the best result in terms of efficiency. This is why we carefully evaluate the most appropriate production technology, taking into consideration specific schedules and requirements. In order to meet each requirement in the best possible way, we have introduced innovative and high-tech equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of production flexibility and fast, efficient production

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Quality control

To ensure the safety and quality of the product, we carry out final and intermediate controls prior to machining, such as ultrasonic examinations, surface finish and critical dimensional checks. This is a fundamental step in the machining of the component.

At Covis Group we carry out the examinations required by the product specifications: sometimes, depending on each test plan, in the presence of the customer’s inspectors and certifying bodies. The Covis Group is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems for production processes. When it comes to pressure equipment, in order to guarantee the safety of our services, we apply the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), issued by the European Community. This directive aims to ensure the free movement of products within its scope, while guaranteeing a high level of safety.

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The Covis Group’s staffs are extremely qualified and trained to guarantee the highest levels of reliability. Our quality control operators are certified to carry out non-destructive tests (NDE) of the following types, according to national and international standards:

  • UT: ultrasonic testing
  • PT: liquid penetrant inspection
  • MT: magnetoscopic inspection
  • VT: visual inspection
  • PMI: chemical analysis of metals and alloys

The dimensional inspection equipment is of the latest generation and is periodically calibrated to meet regulatory standards. We use two FARO Pivotal Measuring Arms and Laser Trackers, as well as a DEA-IOTA P Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine.

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Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing is a non-destructive testing procedure used to detect defects on the parts. The process uses sound waves with a frequency higher than that perceived by the human ear (> 16 kHz), known as ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic testing equipment consists of two parts:

  • A signal generator, that sends the message to the material.
  • A detector: it receives, amplifies, filters and displays the signals that return to the probe after propagation.

In this way we can detect reflected echoes from any internal defects, as well as background echoes, more or less attenuated depending on the imperfection present. Finally, the size of the discontinuity encountered by the ultrasonic beam can be estimated, albeit approximately.

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The certified operators of The Covis Group perform non-destructive ultrasonic testing using the contact technique on castings, rolled, extruded, forged and welded parts. This method involves placing the transducer directly on the part and using an acoustic coupler, a gelatinous substance, between the probe and the surface. This allows the acoustic waves to propagate. In this way, any defects can be identified and characterized: their acceptance or rejection can be determined based on the specifications.

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