The choice of materials in the production of high quality components

In the production of a mechanical component, what makes it durable, functional and reliable is the material it is made of. In addition to having an excellent project and a successful feasibility study, to produce a high quality piece it is essential to pay the utmost attention to the choice of the base material.

At Covis Group we pay particular attention to the choice of material because we are aware that it is crucial for the performance of the finished product.

A careful and personalized evaluation

To identify the most suitable material for each application, the first fundamental step, together with the analysis of any requirements indicated in the customer’s specification, is the study of the technical drawing. In this phase it is possible to analyze the dimensions and the shape of the piece, important aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing the most suitable material.

We then proceed with the assessment of the context of use, in order to identify the stresses and risks to which the component will be subjected.

Knowing the most frequent issues means to be able to take the appropriate countermeasures in relation to the specific case, both by selecting the most suitable materials, and if necessary providing for any welding overlays in the critical points.

The factors affecting the choice of material

Depending on the type of industrial processes in which the component will be used and the substances with which it will come into contact, there are criteria that must be met in order to obtain the levels of quality, efficiency and safety established at the time of the estimate.

The most important parameters to be considered are:

chemical resistance, if the component must be subjected to corrosive or dangerous substances.
thermal resistance, in cases where the piece will be working at particularly high or particularly low temperatures.
mechanical resistance, when the component has to withstand significant stresses.

The company policies of all the companies that are part of Covis Group promote the safety, quality and sustainability of materials. With this in mind, we only use selected suppliers who guarantee us high quality standards and complete traceability, with the aim of offering our customers an excellent service.

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